Texarome Cedarwood and Essential Oils
Common Uses of Cedarwood Oil

Some fragrances are nature's own blend and nearly impossible to duplicate. They are timeless and unaffected by trends and fashions. Cedar is such a fragrance . It always brings back pleasant memories and a comfortable feeling, like the smell of a cedar cabin, heirloom cedar chest, or just the smell of the fresh mountain air in the Texas Hill Country .

Texarome distills natural, 100% pure cedarwood oil . It is produced primarily for the consumption of the perfume and cosmetic industry which uses it in a variety of famous blends, mixtures and formulas.

Rarely is the pure oil to be found anywhere on the retail market.

The natural oil from cedarwood and the process by which it is obtained, are guaranteed to be environmentally safe. To begin with, we don't ever cut down a green cedar tree. The oil is steamed out of the dead cedarwood found on the local ranches from previous clearing operations for livestock grazing. There are no chemicals whatsoever involved in the process and all the water is recycled. the plant creates no harmful solid wastes and no liquid run-off. We conserve energy by burning the spent wood in our clean burning steam boilers. The filtered and refined cedar oil has the authentic cedar fragrance, just as it occurs in the wood of native Texas cedar. Cedarwood has been known through the ages as one of mother nature's insect repellents because of the aromatic cedar oil contained in it. Texas cattle fences are built with cedar posts which resist decay and pest infestation for 50 years or more.

Our Pure Cedar Oil Has Many Household Uses

  • Pour oil on felt cloth and rub on wooden closet shelves or dresser drawers to enjoy the natural fragrance and discourage moths and other insects from getting into your valuable clothes.
  • Rub inside dresser drawers for the same reason.
  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and throw into your washing machine while washing clothes to freshen them.
  • Replenish the cedar scent in old cedar trunks or closets by rubbing oil into the wood.
  • Put a few drops on the bag of your vacuume cleaner before using it.
  • Rub some oil on our outdoor clothing (it will wash out with soap) to cover your body scent, and watch deer and exotic game close up, without shying them away.
  • Rub some of it on the dash of your car or on the floor mats as an air freshener.

Texarome Cedarwood and Essential Oils

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Texarome Cedarwood and Essential Oils

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