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Plant Construction

Construction Of Complete Essential Oil Distillation Plants


Texarome’s facility at Leakey, Texas, includes a complete FABRICATION SHOP which is used for in-house repairs and new installations at the Texarome facility, but also serves to fabricate complete turnkey plants for sale to others.


One of Texarome’s special areas of expertise is the clean and efficient use of the waste biomass (spent distillation material) for boiler fuel. This eliminates one of the major cost items of essential oil distillation, which is the energy cost of steam production. This can be a significant edge over competitors who burn fossil fuels.


The design of conventional stills, the method of condensation and cooling, together with the right apparatus for the oil separation and recovery, is an art that probably dates back to ancient Egypt, yet to these days of high technology, the distiller’s art is still veiled in secrecy, and makes the difference between good quality and poor quality essential oils. There is very little literature and even less textbook information available to the novice on the particulars of essential oil distillation, and on the latest applicable process technology.


When setting out to produce essential oils for the quality-conscious Flavorists and Perfumers of the Flavors & Fragrances Industry. Unfortunately, there are many examples of such failures in the trade’s history, because the learning curve of essential oil distillation is indeed a long and expensive one.


Besides Texarome’s special know-how in the design and construction of “conventional ” essential oil distillation plants , innovative designs such as continuous steam distillation, are also offered.


Small to medium size essential oil distillation plants can be built by TEXAROME on “skids” and pre-assembled for easy disassembly and transport to any country in the world, where valuable aromatic raw materials are available. Such plants can be put on line and producing oil within 4 week of their arrival in the country.